“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta

3 Reasons You Should Mind Your Words Before You Mind Her Womb

As adults, we are very much aware of gender roles that we subconsciously live by. These are the unwritten “rules” of how your life/behavior should be conducted as man or woman. For example: “Women should be stay at home moms" and “Men are the breadwinners”, to name a few. From birth, we've governed ourselves according to these... Continue Reading →

Declare IT. Believe IT. Retrieve IT.

Speak it into existence. Cleanse your energy. Keep positive vibes. I’m sure we’ve heard these phrases and others alike, whether it was included in some advice you were receiving from THAT friend, THAT family member, or a meme on instagram from THAT spiritual person who's always talking about chakras and sage burning. <---(burning sage to... Continue Reading →

The Purpose Is Bigger Than You

I’ve struggled with writing many of these posts and sharing them with the world, as opposed to taking these small anecdotes and sharing with family and friends. A blog is like sitting on the phone with your friend and just venting about all the thoughts shooting through your brain. However, you never quite know if... Continue Reading →

"Continue to be the vessel in which your ancestors choose to do their best work through." -Tony Browder

Their Lie Is Not My Truth

Malcolm X once said “as long as you are convinced you have never done anything, you’ll never do anything.” That didn’t quite resonate with me until I was able to reflect on my life and the many shortcomings I had faced growing up black in Amerikkka.  See, once I hit middle school, we were never... Continue Reading →

Curacao. What’s That?

CuraÇao (kyoor-uh-sow) Prior to 2016, I had never heard of this place. During a conversation about traveling, a friend mentioned how beautiful Curacao was and how he couldn’t wait to go back. Immediately my inquiring mind wanted information about this extravagant place that I had never heard of. After asking my friend a ton of... Continue Reading →

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