Curacao. What’s That?

CuraÇao (kyoor-uh-sow)

Prior to 2016, I had never heard of this place. During a conversation about traveling, a friend mentioned how beautiful Curacao was and how he couldn’t wait to go back. Immediately my inquiring mind wanted information about this extravagant place that I had never heard of. After asking my friend a ton of questions, I went to do my own research. The moment I typed in Curacao, and clicked images, I was in awe. The colorful architecture, blue and green water, and the people were all so alluring. I was certain that it would be the next country that I would visit. And it was.

 This was one of those trips where phones just couldn’t capture all the greatness. I took this adventure with my Auntie Zoe (Z) who is really my mentor, friend, therapist, confidant, lifelo… ok, you get the picture. That’s my roll dog! I randomly called her up on one November day to chit chat. I happened to mention that I really wanted to take a trip to Curacao. She said, I don’t know where that is, but I should go with you.” My response was “Lets GO!” We planned our trip to Curacao and created a ton of memories!  We engaged in a plethora of water activities during the trip, and I realized, I must invest in a waterproof go pro camera. I wish I could’ve captured all of the amazing creatures and wonders that I witnessed in the beautiful ocean. Then again, leaving the phones and cameras behind wasn’t so bad. I experienced many firsts and learned so much in Curacao. Traveling to this exquisite country is something I will be doing again for sure!

Will you join me? (^_^)


My 17 most memorable moments in Curacao!

  1. We stayed at a resort, which we came to find out, was once upon a time a sugar plantation. (crazy right?) Enslaved Africans would be taken to Curacao, and then distributed to their final destination. Some of those enslaved Africans remained on the island and worked in the sugar fields.
  2. I rode an ATV for the first time and it was an awesome experience! (Eric’s ATV Adventure, highly recommended) There was something liberating about being on a 4 wheeler riding through the city and then through the mountains. Maybe because for the first time in my life I felt like I was finally a member of the Ruff Ryders!
  3. We explored a cave which we assumed our ancestors would go to hideout when they were trying to escape the slave trade. While in the cave, I learned about stalactite and stalagmite. This is where it was revealed to me that God is feminine energy.
  4. We journeyed over to a cliff where the sea-water is sprayed through a chute into the air.It was such a weird sight and force of nature. We almost drowned while there so we quickly skedaddled (long story) Check out here —>
  5.  I rode a jet ski for the first time. The views were astounding even though I kept thinking I was being chased by Free Willy.
  6. I saw flying fish! Just like the ones in the movie “Life Of Pi” (one of my favorite movies)
  7. I snorkeled for the first time and saw a shipwreck under the water. So cool, yet overwhelming.
  8. We visited another cave called the Blue Room Cave. This is a water cave that you must swim under ten to fifteen feet to enter. The sea is rough and the waves crash against the rocks making it very intimidating the minute you enter the water.Once inside the water illuminates a beautiful blue when the sun hits it.
  9.  Z and I became super sick the day we visited the Blue Room Cave and threw up in the ocean. Yikes! While waiting for the diver to help everyone swim under the rocks, we sat on the boat as it swayed on the water, awaiting our turn. Can we say sea AND motion sickness!
  10. We had a deep diving activity scheduled for that same day. Yea that didn’t happen.
  11. Salt water is a natural detox for real! I’ll leave it at that.
  12. I realized that although I love the water, the immense ocean scares the bejeezus out of me.
  13. The Chinese have set up shop in Curacao! Never thought I would visit a black island to find Chinese mini markets and laundromats. All I could do was shake my head and wonder, “What the hell are they doing in Curacao??? We had a brief interaction with a Chinese owner in one of the mini markets, and she was not pleasant. Very rude. Very discourteous. However, I won’t let her vibe towards us shape my view of all of the Chinese on the island.
  14. We learned that global capitalism and the mental enslavement of African people is an agenda in Curacao just as many other countries in the world. The story sounds the same around the globe.
  15. Papiamentu is the common language spoken and is a multifaceted Creole language based on Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and several African dialects. The natives of Curacao are masters of language.
  16. Despite rushing to make it to the airport, we made time to cross the Koningin Emmabridge. This is the only swinging wooden bridge and most photographed bridge in the world.
  17. The most beautiful part of the trip were the natives of the island. From the moment we arrived, I realized that I was surrounded by melanated people. I felt right at home. They were strikingly beautiful, and I admired their sun-kissed skin. Our people are in places that we would never think, and I always find joy in witnessing this with my own eyes.


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