Carmmy’s 3rd Bloggerversary!

June 19,  2020 (Juneteenth) Year 3! In this celebratory moment, I MUST send my love to the ancestors for guiding my words and to everyone that has shown this blog love over the past 3 years! I've appreciated every share, comment, and/or contribution. Reflective Candor: For reasons that I can't really explain, I've felt so... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter Mural D.C. is a Pathway to Spiritual Energy

When Washington D.C. was designed and laid out, 16th street was designated as the meridian line of D.C. When the sun is at its highest peak(noon), it is said that the meridian line is infused with spiritual energy đź’« The black lives matter mural and plaza being placed on 16th street is symbolic. (This is... Continue Reading →

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