My One Year TRIBEversary!

Today celebrates the one year anniversary of receiving and revealing my African Ancestry results. (Not to be confused with That day will forever be special because I was joined by two of my supportive friends, Wendi and Isa as we hosted our own reveal on FB Live. I also found out that Wendi and... Continue Reading →

Black Women in Arab Countries

This comes at the frustration I've felt after visiting three Arab countries, my most recent being UAE(Dubai). Typically I do not like to speak negatively of any country because I respect the culture of others, and choose not to be judgmental. However, I couldn't help but notice the patterns of disrespectful behavior that I've endured... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a Revolutionary

Dedicated to those that lost their lives to unjust police brutality. ♥♥ Dedicated to my fellow comrades that I stood alongside in the streets, as we used our voices to demand justice for our brothers and sisters that were brutally murdered.♥♥  I went to see the movie "The Hate U Give", and I thought it was... Continue Reading →

|Words to Korryn.|

August 1, 2017 On this day one year ago, Korryn Gaines was murdered by the Baltimore County Police Department. Not to our surprise, her name was slandered and character vilified. Because of her ideals, her murder was written off as, "maybe if she didn't________, she would still be alive." I never forgot your story, young... Continue Reading →

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