Spring Cleansing 🌸🌷🌼 The Equinox Detox

The beautiful thing about the change of the seasons are the changes that also take place within and around us. Do you pay attention to your body and spirit when you are entering a new seasonal phase of life? When spring comes around, you may spring clean your house, but have you ever taken the time to spring... Continue Reading →

Discovering your Tribe!

        https://www.facebook.com/carmel.domond/videos/1701626016549795/ Discovering Your Tribe discussion!!! Click play and tune in as I talk about Black Panther, the relationship between Africans and Black Americans, and the importance of tracing your African Ancestry with Isa Sesay! Produced by: Leroy MrTotty Amankrah This is a 4 part event and we are thrilled to have... Continue Reading →

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